I. Luxembourg’s official development assistance in 2014

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Breakdown of ODA by intervention sectors in 2014

The following table gives the breakdown by sector of all Luxembourg ODA expenditure in 2014.

In 2014, Luxembourg’s development cooperation continued to focus on sectors under the category of infrastructure and social services, which make up 36,91% of total aid (and almost 45% of bilateral aid). Within this category, education and health (17,31% and 13,84% respectively of bilateral aid) remain the main sectors of Luxembourg’s development cooperation.

The category of infrastructure and economic services made up 6,08% of aid (7,64% of bilateral aid), the main sub-category being that of investments in the sector of banks and financial services (5,25% of bilateral aid).

The category of production sectors made up 4,53% of ODA in 2014 (5,93% of bilateral aid), in the main allocated to agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Support for cross-cutting issues represented 5,90% of ODA (7,76% of bilateral aid).

We should note that, under multilateral ODA, a large part of the investments (79,70%) cannot be allocated to a precise sector. This can be explained by the nature of multilateral aid, which is made up of direct contributions, mandatory or voluntary, to the multilateral agencies’ general budget.