II. Cooperation with the main partner countries

Burkina Faso

Agricultural work in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Population 16,9 millions
Surface area 274 220 km2
GNP per inhabitant (PPP in $) 1 602
Classification in HDI 181/187

Political life in Burkina Faso was extremely disrupted throughout 2014. Political agitation and the growing rift between President Compaoré’s regime and civil society resulted in November 2014 in a popular uprising and the overthrow of the President with the participation of the army, giving way to a transitional regime presided over by a civilian.

The political situation has had a limited impact on projects and programmes during their implementation. The only project affected by the change of regime was the project supporting information and communication technologies included as part of the extension of the ICP II, the signature of which was imminent. Since the transitional government is intending in 2015 to devote itself to managing current affairs, consolidating the state’s operating budget and preparing for elections, this project has provisionally been suspended.

2014 has seen the strengthening of Luxembourg’s active role in terms of discussion and coordination between donors and with the state, especially through participation in the troika of donors to Burkina Faso.

At the meeting of the 8th partnership committee held on 8 September 2014 at ministerial level in Luxembourg, the two countries underlined the results of the Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) 2008-2015. The meeting enabled an initial exchange of ideas on the intervention sectors to be specified for a future new ICP, for which the identification work will be carried out in 2015 and which will be signed with the new Burkina Faso government following the elections in the autumn of 2015. To enable a smooth transition between the two ICPs, the current ICP will be extended into all or part of 2016.