II. Cooperation with the main partner countries


Niger - Donation of tillage tools to the governor of Dosso


Population 17,8 millions
Surface area 1267000 km2
GNP per inhabitant (PPP in $) 873
Classification in HDI 187/187

2014 was the year when cruising speed was reached for Luxembourg development cooperation’s projects and programmes and when the support granted as part of the extension of ICP II could all start. 2014 also saw the strong positioning of Luxembourg development cooperation in a new intervention sector, water and sanitation. In effect, following the decision taken by the Danish government to close its office in Niamey, a delegated cooperation agreement was signed in mid-2014 between Denmark and Luxembourg regarding the Danish programme supporting the water, hygiene and sanitation sector (PASEHA2) and it is now Luxembourg’s development cooperation which is managing this programme. 

Luxembourg’s development cooperation has financed two projects (equipping classrooms, workshops/garages and store-rooms in Niamey and ambulances for civil protection in the north) proposed by the EUCAP European mission. In order to support the Niger authorities in implementing their own strategy for security and development in the north of the country, the EUCAP mission is contributing to the development of an approach that is integrated, multidisciplinary, consistent, viable and respectful of human rights in the fight against terrorism and organised crime. 

The 9th partnership committee meeting was held on 16 September 2014 in Luxembourg. It was co-chaired by the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs Romain Schneider and Mohamed Bazooum, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Integration and Nigeriens outside the Republic of Niger. The two ministers highlighted the cooperation relations between the two countries. Mr Schneider insisted that Luxembourg will continue to provide its support to Niger and in that context the two ministers agreed in principle a to new ICP, which will start in 2016.