II. Cooperation with the main partner countries


Nicaragua – support for a micro-enterprise which maintains the stormwater drainage network


Population 6,1 millions
Surface area 130370 km2
GNP per inhabitant (PPP in $) 4 266
Classification in HDI 132/187

Since it was the final year of the ICP 2011-2014, the implementation of the programme in Nicaragua was especially well-organised in 2014, ending the year with very good results both in terms of the volume and quality of the disbursements. Major progress was made, especially in the vocational training sector, due to improved coordination between actors.

At the 10th partnership committee meeting, held on 12 April 2014 in Managua, it was decided to extend the ICP until 2017, in order to allow consolidation of current initiatives and to align Luxembourg’s programming cycle with that of the European development partners, as well as Switzerland and Canada, with the aim of entering into a joint programming cycle in 2018.