II. Cooperation with the main partner countries



Population 6,89 millions
Surface area 236 800 km2
GNP per inhabitant (PPP in $) 4 351
Classification in HDI 139/187

The 9th partnership committee meeting with Laos was held at ministerial level in Luxembourg on 3 July 2014. At this occasion, Luxembourg reaffirmed its support to Lao PDR’s efforts to graduate from “least developed country” to “middle-income country” status by 2020, while congratulating the country for the efforts accomplished so far. In the margins of this Partnership Commission meeting, Protocol Agreements were signed by both ministers in charge in view of the implementation of three new projects of various scales and duration: a local/rural development project in Khammouane province, a project supporting the health sector (2nd phase) and a project strengthening capacities in the international department of development cooperation of Laos’ Ministry of Planning and Investment. These three interventions thus focus on the key sectors of Luxembourg’s development cooperation in Laos: health, integrated rural development and vocational training or capacity building of human resources. 

Luxembourg’s development cooperation has in addition been supporting since 2010 good governance as a cross-cutting sector, in Laos, in particular through its assistance to the Faculty of Law in Vientiane.

The capacity building project mentioned above should contribute to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency and ownership of the assistance supplied to this country, given that it is strengthening further the specific capacities of the people and the institution in charge of the development assistance allocated to Laos. 

The third ICP, which runs until the end of 2015, also was evaluated through a mid-term review in 2014. Its outcome contributes to the improvement of the efficiency and sustainability of the support allocated to this country.