III. Regional cooperation and cooperation with other countries



In July 2014, the steering committee meetings took place in Ulan Bator between the Luxembourg and Mongolian officials responsible for Luxembourg development cooperation’s two bilateral projects underway in Mongolia: the telemedicine project covering cardiology and maternal health and the training and capacity-building project in the banking sector. These committee meetings enabled us to review the activities carried out over the previous year and to exchange views on the prospects and activities over the period to come.

Evaluations of these two projects commissioned by the implementing agency of Luxembourg’s development cooperation, Lux-Development, were also carried out during 2014 – a mid-term evaluation of the telemedicine project and a final evaluation of the project on the finance sector. Some of the recommendations of these evaluations will certainly be taken into account during the implementation of the finalisation or consolidation phase of the projects.

In the financial sector, Luxembourg has also financed since 2001 a banking training programme highly appreciated by young management staff of the commercial banks and the Mongolian Central Bank. These training courses or seminars are organised by the ATTF (Financial Technology Transfer Agency) and take place in Mongolia and Luxembourg. We are looking for synergies between this project and the intervention in the finance sector mentioned above.

In Mongolia, since 2013 Luxembourg has also co-financed a multilateral UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) project to reduce the risk of disasters by supporting the National Emergency Management Agency and since 2012 a multilateral UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population) project to prevent AIDS, led jointly with the Red Cross. The latter project targets at-risk populations on the Sino-Mongolian border.