IX. Development education and awareness raising

Awareness-raising at the Student Fair

Communication activities in 2014

2014 was also notable for the continuation of a series of communication activities and also for the establishment of new initiatives, especially as part of the preparation for the European Year for Development.

Luxembourg’s development cooperation continued to support the Fundamental Monodrama Festival for the fourth consecutive year, and also co-financed the Haitian Cultural Week, involving actors, dancers and many others, held at Neimënster in May 2014 around the time of the Haitian national holiday. 

In terms of communication, the Directorate of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs produced innovative communication material, in particular a flyer and a short film on Luxembourg’s development cooperation activities. Due to the warm reception of the Cooperation newsletter, four issues were sent out in 2014 to around 800 persons.

Brochures on development cooperation activities between Luxembourg and its partner countries were produced for the partnership committees. These documents, which can be consulted online, can be printed in A4 or A5 format and are generally available in two languages (French and a language commonly spoken in the country concerned).

The annual report was again produced in French in hard copy and online on the mini-site www.cooperation.lu, and in electronic form in English.