Luxembourg’s official development assistance in 2017

An overview of Luxembourg’s official development assistance in 2017

In 2017, Luxembourg’s official development assistance (ODA) amounted to 377 093 414 euros, 1% of gross national income (GNI). Thus Luxembourg is still one of the small number of DAC members – alongside Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom – that has maintained its ODA at 0,7% of GNI or above.

At the international level, official development assistance reached 146,6 billion USD in 2017, a slight decrease in real terms compared to 2016, due in particular to the decrease in expenditure for refugees in the donor countries. If we exclude the latter, net ODA contributions increased by 1,1% in real terms compared to the previous year.

Bilateral aid to the least developed countries increased by 4% in real terms, reaching 26 billion USD after several years in which it had decreased. Aid to Africa generally increased by 3% to 29 billion USD; aid to sub-Saharan Africa increased by the same proportion to 25 billion USD. Humanitarian aid increased by 6,1% in real terms, reaching 15,5 billion USD.

ODA accounts for over two thirds of the external financing allocated to the least developed countries and often acts as a lever to mobilise private investment, increase fiscal receipts in poor countries and thereby to contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

Official development assistance from the members of the Development Assistance Committee was on average 0,31% of GNI in 2017, compared to 0,32% in 2016.