Luxembourg’s official development assistance in 2017

ODA in 2017 by ministry

In 2017, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs managed and implemented 83,01% of official development assistance, i.e. 313,02 million euros (of which 307,17 million euros was managed by the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs).

The remaining 16,99% came from contributions made by the Ministry of Finance (9,96%), several other ministries (1,06%) and the share of Luxembourg’s contribution to the EU’s general budget – apart from the European Development Fund (EDF) – allocated by the European Commission for the purposes of development cooperation in 2017 (22,52 million euros, i.e. 5,97% of Luxembourg’s ODA).

We should note in this respect that Luxembourg’s assistance via all the EU’s bodies, including Luxembourg’s contribution to the EDF, amounted to 33,43 million euros.

The summary table below gives a detailed view of expenditure by budget item and by ministry in 2017 notified as ODA to the OECD’s Development Aid Committee.