Luxembourg’s official development assistance in 2017

Trends in official development assistance

As the graph shows, Luxembourg’s official development assistance initially grew slowly but steadily.

At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, Prime Minister Jacques Santer formally announced Luxembourg’s desire “to provide 0,7% of GNI by 2000”. This objective was then confirmed and in 1999 during the formation of the government, it was decided to set as an objective the rate of 0,7% in 2000 then to increase this aid “with a view to reaching 1% at the end of this government’s term”.

The target of 0,7% of GNI was achieved as planned in 2000 and that commitment was confirmed in subsequent years, with GNI never falling below that threshold. In 2009, Luxembourg’s official aid exceeded the threshold of 1% of GNI for the first time.

This objective is still current, although in some years the ODA/GNI ratio has varied slightly from 1% due to reassessments of GNI during the year.