Cooperation with the main partner countries


Mr Birima Mangara, Deputy Minister at the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Planning and Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs Romain Schneider at the 13th Luxembourg-Senegal partnership committee meeting on 26 October 2017


Population 15,41 million
Surface area 196 723 km2
GNP per inhabitant (PPP in $) 2 480
Classification in HDI 162/188
ICP III (2012-2017) 75 million EUR

2017 was the 30th anniversary of development cooperation relations between Luxembourg and Senegal – the initial relationship dates back to 1987. Although the relationship has traditionally been based on development cooperation, it has evolved over the years to encompass political/diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations and exchanges - dimensions that are indispensable and complementary when building a genuine partnership for inclusive, sustainable development at every level. Senegal thus remains a preferred partner country for Luxembourg as shown by the fact that in August 2017 the first Luxembourg Ambassador to reside in Africa took up her post in Dakar.

The third Indicative Cooperation Programme (2012-2017) is currently in the closure stage and has been guided by two major innovations: i) the transition of the project approach towards a programme approach and ii) the increased use of national implementation. Among the major successes were Luxembourg’s assistance in modernising the systems of vocational and technical training, learning and craftsmanship in Senegal. In effect, significant results have been attained in terms both of access to high-quality infrastructure and facilities and of providing the appropriate kinds of training to meet the needs of the local market, as well as the systematic introduction of the skills-based approach in training curricula.

During the peer review carried out in March 2017 by the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC), the assessors made a field trip to Senegal and confirmed that, as a result of predictable and flexible aid and strong geographical and sector-based concentration, the development cooperation activities are producing tangible, sustainable results.

At the 13th partnership committee meeting, held in Luxembourg on 26 October 2017, the authorities of both countries gave their political approval to the 4th indicative Cooperation Programme (2018-2022), the formal signature of which was planned for the official visit to Senegal by HRH the Grand Duke in January 2018. ICP IV has an indicative budget of 65 million euros and is based on the commitment of Luxembourg’s development cooperation to supporting as a priority the development of basic social services. The Programme will target two essential aspects: health and social protection together with vocational and technical training and youth employability.