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Breakdown of ODA by intervention sector in 2020

The following table (ODA by sector) gives the breakdown by sector of all Luxembourg ODA expenditure in 2020.

In 2020, Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation continued to focus on sectors falling into the category of infrastructure and social services, which made up 27.98% of total aid (and 38.32% of bilateral aid). Education, health, population/health and fertility policy, water distribution and sanitation as well as support for governance and civil society all fall within that category.

The category of infrastructure and economic services made up 6.91% of aid (9.97% of bilateral aid), the two main sub-categories being investments in the sector of banks and financial services (inclusive finance) and communications.

The category of the production sector made up 5.80% of ODA in 2020 (8.39% of bilateral aid), mainly allocated to agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

Support for multi-sector and cross-cutting issues represented 6.81% of ODA (9.84% of bilateral aid). COVID-19 reallocations were mainly recorded under this category.

Finally, we should note that, under multilateral ODA, a large part of the investments (88.68%) cannot be allocated to a precise sector. This is due to the nature of multilateral aid, which is made of up direct contributions, both mandatory and voluntary, to the multilateral agencies’ general budgets.