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Transition, rehabilitation and reconstruction phase

After an emergency, the transition phase aims to support the efforts of affected populations to rebuild their lives and regain their livelihoods. The objective of the transition phase is both to link the emergency phase with the development phase and to support the community and individuals in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation.

In 2020, the Ministry continued to co-finance rehabilitation and reconstruction activities with projects by the Fondation Caritas Luxembourg in Afghanistan and South Sudan, two projects by Care in Luxembourg in Mozambique and in Indonesia and the co-financing of two reconstruction projects by the Luxembourg Red Cross in Mali and Ukraine.

In line with its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions, the Ministry also continued its support for the activities of the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) for its transitional justice programmes in Tunisia and Colombia, as well as a research project on the link between transitional justice and prevention. In addition, the Ministry supported the second phase of the project by NGO Appel de Genève for the consolidation of peace and the protection of civilians in Mali. Moreover, the NGO Refugee Education Trust (RET) was supported in implementing a programme to demobilise children associated with armed forces and groups in the DRC.