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Development cooperation relations between Nicaragua and Luxembourg first began in 1993. The first general cooperation agreement setting out cooperation relations between the two countries was signed in 2000.

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The tourism, health and vocational training sectors were the traditional priority areas for the Luxembourg Development Cooperation in Nicaragua. However, because of the socio-political crisis the Luxembourg Development Cooperation was forced to end bilateral cooperation and close the embassy’s offices in Managua in February 2022.

Since that time, development cooperation in Nicaragua has featured, notably, multilateral support and a considerable amount of aid to the NGOs in the country. The Luxembourg Development Cooperation supports the World Food Programme (WFP) in a school canteens project to address the food and nutritional insecurity of children in the north and north-east of Nicaragua. Since 2018, Luxembourg has continued to provide significant support to Nicaraguan civil society in relation to the promotion of human rights, in particular through a project by the NGO Front Line Defenders to support human rights defenders. In view of the deterioration of the situation in recent years for human rights defenders in Central America, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation has decided to extend its support to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in addition to Nicaragua.

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Reference data

  • Population (MIO): 6,85
  • GNI (per resident): 5.800
  • Human Development Index (HDI): 126/191
  • Life expectancy: 74

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