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Luxembourg has maintained its commitment to major humanitarian crises around the world. Thus, in 2022 the Grand Duchy made a total contribution of more than EUR 15 million to the humanitarian response in the Sahel, spread over Niger (EUR 8 million), Burkina Faso (EUR 3.6 million) and Mali (EUR 3.5 million). In addition, the humanitarian crisis in Syria remains a priority for Luxembourg’s humanitarian action, with a total of EUR 4.5 million allocated in 2022. A third priority for Luxembourg’s humanitarian action in 2022 was the humanitarian response following the conflict in Ethiopia, with a total contribution of about EUR 3.2 million. Other humanitarian contributions in 2022 were for the humanitarian crises in Afghanistan (EUR 2.4 million), South Sudan (EUR 2.1 million), Yemen (EUR 1.95 million), the Occupied Palestinian Territories (EUR 1.8 million) and Somalia (EUR 1.5 million).