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While the fifth phase of the support programme for the cardiovascular health sector was intended to be the last phase of support by the Luxembourg Development Cooperation for the cardiology sector in Mongolia, its results have led the Luxembourg Development Cooperation to reconsider its position.

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Following the recommendations of the final evaluation and on the basis of a request by the Mongolian authorities, a formulation mandate was issued at the beginning of 2022, allowing the development of a new intervention in the field of cardiology, cardio-surgery and telemedicine in Mongolia. Like previous phases, the implementation of the new programme will again focus on supporting the ten-year State Policy on Health (2017-2026).

With a budget of EUR 5 million and a duration of five years, this new project started in October 2022, with the same partners — the Shastin hospital/National Cardiac Centre and Luxembourg’s National Institute for Interventional Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology (INCCI) — and adopted the same intervention methods as before. The new project seeks to consolidate cardiovascular services in Mongolia and to strengthen and institutionalise the National Cardiology Centre (NCC). The future programme will focus solely on support and technical assistance, leaving the Mongolian counterpart with the highest possible degree of autonomy.

Having celebrated, in 2021, the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Mongolia, Minister Fayot visited Mongolia in July 2022 for his first working visit. The mission provided an opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of bilateral cooperation and, specifically, the project funded by Luxembourg in the Mongolian cardiovascular sector, and also to sign new bilateral and multilateral agreements. The delegation also had the opportunity to visit both a central provincial hospital and a district hospital (soum) in the province of Khuvsgul.