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The development cooperation fund in 2019

Established by the amended law of 6 January 1996 on development cooperation and humanitarian action, the Development Cooperation Fund (DCF) is an instrument enabling the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to carry out development programmes and projects extending over several years.

The state budget provided the DCF with EUR 225.67 million in 2019; added to which are the assets available on 1 January, i.e. EUR 23,222.72, as well as revenue during the year (EUR 4.37 million) – essentially reimbursements from NGOs and agencies of funds not disbursed on projects co-financed by the Ministry. In 2019, EUR 3.97 million was also routed through the DCF between Denmark’s development cooperation and LuxDev as delegated cooperation.

In 2019, a total of EUR 226.54 million was disbursed through the DCF. LuxDev, as the state’s principal agent responsible for the implementation of projects and programmes resulting from governmental bilateral cooperation, benefited from the majority of this amount, i.e. EUR 114.53 million (50.56%), including Danish delegated cooperation funds. Next come non-governmental development organisations, which received EUR 42.40 million (18.71%) as part of the co-financing of their projects and framework cooperation agreements and to cover some of their administrative costs. The balance was accounted for by projects implemented by the Ministry directly with other partners (14.98%) or with multilateral agencies (12.46%) as well as for programme support.